As part of our interactive series intended to help people pause, step back, and look at their business challenges in a different light, BlueSky Technology Partners sat down with astronaut, underwater explorer, humanitarian, and writer, Ron Garan, to learn more about his journeys and how they changed his perspective and inspired him to accelerate change.

The outcome of this conversation is a white paper that ranges in thought from conservation of our Earth and life changes to the growth and efficiency of transforming your business with a cloud based approach to eCommerce.

In addition to this white paper, BlueSky also invites you to request a complimentary copy of Ron Garan’s forthcoming book, The Orbital Perspective, which details Ron’s transformative experience above our planet.

To request your complimentary copy of our white paper interview with Ron Garan or reserve a copy of Ron’s book, which publishes in February of 2015, please complete the form to the right and indicate what you would like to receive.