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Is your site ready for the upcoming Google mobile “Speed Update”?

Mobile searches surpassed desktop back in 2015 and continues to gain ground. As reported by a third party, Google’s number of mobile searches was close to 60 percent last year. Currently Google’s market share of overall mobile searches sits at 94.8 percent according to Statista. Why is this important? In January 2018, Google announced a change in how it ranks websites for mobile searches. This update, referred to as the “Speed Update” will take page speed into consideration as one of its signals starting July 2018. Speed has always been important, but prior focus was on the desktop – this...

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jQuery Makes Its Way Into WebSphere Commerce

Since its creation in 2006, jQuery has been one of the most widely used and acclaimed JavaScript frameworks. It has served a critical role in the standardization of scripting across multiple browsers. jQuery has brought interactive sites to the web with its groundbreaking jQueryUI framework. It has even served as the base of today’s web app frameworks such as Angular and React. Over 75 percent of the top 10,000 websites today use jQuery. It is so ingrained in the web today, that it feels like front end developers no longer learn JavaScript, they learn jQuery. And with the recent...

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Keep Your Customers Happy and They’ll Keep Coming Back: UX Enhancements They’ll Love

Design isn’t everything. Today’s shoppers demand a satisfying user experience (UX) as well. Don’t make your customers stumble through your store trying to find what they want. They demand a smart search with instant results. They demand a well-organized navigation that allows for efficient browsing of categories. They demand the ability to filter products by brand, color, style and material. The now 110-year-old phrase “the customer is always right” is still quite relevant to today’s online businesses. Keep your customers happy and they’ll keep coming back. One way to keep them happy is to make your website as simple...

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