Assessments: Paid Search Audit

Maximize Your Returns.

Are your paid search advertising efforts yielding your desired results?

Benefits of performing a paid audit include: deeper understanding of performance, finding areas of wasted spend, identifying new opportunities to expand, enhancing ongoing management processes, gain insight on audience applicable to your paid search and other marketing channels and ultimately validate your previous assumptions.

Focus Areas of Paid Search Audit

Strategy & Goals

Understanding the focus and objectives of your paid search. Defining target audience or personas, your conversion goals, how does paid fit within overall marketing planning.

Reporting & Performance

Are your campaigns converting? Are you properly tracking attribution? Understanding performance is critical to optimizing your account.

Account Structure & Campaign Settings

How you structure your account is a major factor in both efficient allocation of budget and accurate optimization. Review bid strategy, segmentation, dynamic search ads, Geo targeting, remarketing, device targeting.


We review use of negative keywords, keyword performance, keyword quality scores, campaign relevance, and trending.

Ad Groups & Ads

We review your ad groups for alignment, performance, and CPC settings. Focus on use of dynamic keywords, copy relevancy, proper calls to action, quality scores, and A/B testing.

Landing Pages

Landing pages have a direct impact on overall performance. If your page content doesn’t sync up with your ad then you could be increasing your bounce rates and significantly decreasing your conversions.

How Our Audits Work


At the start of each engagement, our trained BlueSky consultants work with you to understand your business and marketing goals.


We assess your paid search based on best practices for key items that include overall strategy, account structure, conversion performance, keywords, and your landing pages. Identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Present Findings

A BlueSky Digital consultant will walk you through a detailed report with findings, a prioritized list of fixes, and an overall action plan.

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