Assessments: SEO Audit

Are customers finding you?

Is your site structured to optimize visibility and drive organic traffic?

Our certified SEO experts leverage their experience and the latest tools to provide you with an assessment of your SEO efforts. Benefits of conducting an audit include a deeper understanding of your performance, identify any current issues, uncover growth opportunities and create a prioritized plan of action.

Focus Areas of SEO Audit

We dive into the technical infrastructure, on-page and off-site elements and competitive environment in order to determine potential issues, opportunities, and recommended fixes.


Review site URL structure, crawlability, page speed, indexing, mobile friendliness, canonical tags, structured markup and more.


Review your site content structure, user experience, meta data, schema, page copy, keyword use, images and video, linking and more.


How do you stack up with your competitors? We take a look at your site in comparison to your competition to assess relative performance.

Free website audit report

Complete the form for a rundown of the top three items that may be causing issues relating to your website.

How Our SEO Audit Works


At the start of each engagement, our trained BlueSky consultants work with you to understand your business and marketing goals.


We assess your site based on based practices for key items that include overall strategy, keywords, and your site’s technical structure. Identify gaps and opportunities for improvement

Present Findings

A BlueSky Digital consultant will walk you through a detail report with findings, a prioritized list of fixes, and an overall action plan.

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