Persona & Customer Journey Mapping

How Well Do You Know Your Target Audience?

Are you reaching your customer with relevant marketing in the right way, at the right time?

Knowing what to say, where to say it and when are critical foundational pieces to your marketing programs. We help answer those questions and more through persona and customer journey development, putting the customer front and center in your organization’s thinking and planning.

Benefits of Persona Development

Defining and/or refining your buyer personas are a critical part of your content and marketing planning. Leveraging our proven approach, BlueSky consultants can help research and develop your target buyer profile(s), ensuring you build effective marketing plans.

  • Optimize marketing messaging
  • Develop consistent branding
  • Understand customer pain points
  • Creating higher customer lifetime value
  • Improve Search Engine Optimization
  • Help drive digital transformations and site redesigns

Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey and/or experience mapping produces a total customer view of your customers’ experience with your brand – from initial contact, through engagement process, purchase and repeat interactions.

  • Better understand when and how to reach your customer
  • Recognize opportunities for improvement
  • Identify gaps in service or communication
  • Understand organizational roles impact on customer journeys
  • Better align organizational roles & processes
  • Illustrates tactical impact on customers’ behavior during buying process

Persona & Customer Journey Map Development Process

Preparation & Analysis

At the start of each engagement, we work with you to understand your business and marketing goals. We help define key personas, collect and organize analytical & anecdotal customer data, identify key customer touchpoints and key stakeholders. Conduct interviews with stakeholders and key customer segments.


We review collected research and observations with the team of stakeholders to validate. We help identify persona motivations, goals and challenges as well as things they value and fear. Segment customer touchpoints and customer data by various stages of your customer’s journey (sales funnel).

Present Deliverable

We provide a recap on analysis along with visual depiction of your persona and/or customer journey map.

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