Janus Developmental Services provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to participate and contribute within their community and Janus’ community partners are a vital part of fulfilling that important mission.

BlueSky is proud to be a Janus partner and on March 15, 2013, we participated in Janus’ annual fund raising breakfast event. The Fifth Annual Create, Connect and Commit Fundraising Breakfast had over 300 people in attendance and helped to raise funds through donations from both individuals and organizations. Janus also raised money selling one of a kind birdhouses, which were built by Janus clients – BlueSky is the proud owner of several very beautifully crafted birdhouses.

As attendees at the breakfast, we were treated to two very inspirational stories – one from the mother of a Janus client and one directly from the client – both stories touched our hearts.

As always, BlueSky was very appreciative of the opportunity to help such a great cause. For more information on Janus, please visit: www.janus-inc.org

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