And by wow we don’t just mean the exclamation – we also mean WOW as in World of Watson.

In October, more than 17,000 people, from over 120 countries, converged in Las Vegas for World of Watson, IBM’s conference for all things cognitive. World of Watson featured talks with some of the world’s greatest thinkers – it had breakout sessions, panel discussions, hands-on labs, and in-depth workshops designed to help companies become cognitive businesses.

BlueSky was well represented.

We had a booth in the Cognitive Concourse where visitors to the concourse were able to meet with BlueSky and other experts to learn how to monetize data and transform industries. BlueSky also provided visitors with the ability to receive a Digital Health Check.

We heard IBM’s CEO, Ginni Rometty, share why Watson is the AI platform for business and we heard John Kelly, Senior Vice President Cognitive Solutions and Research, predict that in about a decade from now, in some areas, Watson will be able to predict the future.

IBM is looking to seperate their AI solution from the pack by dubbing it augemented intelligence rather than artificial intelligence. Borrowing from’s Jeff Kagan when comparing other AI assistants currently in the market to Watson, “…nothing could be further from the truth. Siri, Now, Cortana and Echo are very basic, voice driven programs that sort the web and speak search results. I have learned that IBM Watson is so much more. It’s like comparing a small bowl of peas to an entire, gigantic Watson salad bar.”

One of our favorite sessions was presented by Kareem Yusuf, IBM Commerce Vice President Offering Management and Development. In his session, Kareem shared how, along with Watson, Watson Supply Chain, Watson Commerce, and Watson Marketing, IBM’s newly named Cognitive Engagement solutions, can help businesses stay ahead of the competition, gain insights to dark data, and quickly execute on effective marketing strategies.

To learn more about World of Watson, or what Watson can do for you, please visit Or better yet, contact BlueSky Technology Partners – regardless of where you are on your cognitive journey we can help you take advantage of this $32B market opportunity.

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