Over the past few years, Teatulia, a premium single garden tea provider, had been successful in leveraging a content strategy that earned top rankings and solid traffic to their site. But, it was time for a redesign.

BlueSky was asked to help Teatulia modernize their online store as they felt the site no longer reflected the caliber of their products and as a result, it was negatively impacting sales. With the site redesign, Teatulia wished to transition from a content-first mindset to a modern eCommerce site that integrated strong visuals, streamlined shopping and purchase flows and increased conversion rates from their Tea 101 landing pages.

Before the redesign, BlueSky’s creative team did an extensive review of Teatulia’s existing site.

A number of UX optimizations were identified that would improve the site’s performance capabilities. Primary areas to address included a growing but disjointed navigation, a hard-to-find search bar, small product images and a non-responsive theme.

No page was left untouched during the redesign process.

The overall redesign theme was to present customers with a clean and modern design that would reflect the premium Teatulia brand and enable the shopping experience without unnecessary distractions. Letting the products speak for themselves was critical.

A major part of our brand is our story, but we didn’t want to lose sight of our overall goal of selling tea…The BlueSky team took into consideration all components we wanted in a new website, but was also able to give us insight on best practices for both content pages and eCommerce.

Macey Howard

Digital Sales and Marketing Manager at Teatulia Organic Teas, Teatulia

To address the growing list of categories, products and content pages within the existing site, the team chose to implement a well-organized custom megamenu with an area for promotional imagery. The search bar was super-sized and positioned front-and-center in the header, making it convenient for visitors to search from any page on the site.

Our team also overhauled the product detail page by arranging content in an easy-to-read format. Another tactic was adding an award and certification ribbon next to the shopper actions to boost shopper confidence at a critical point in the path to purchase. Teatulia has an extensive Tea 101 content area where you can learn everything there is to know about tea. To bring some of that knowledge to shoppers, we incorporated helpful guides at the bottom of every tea category page to enhance the shopping experience and create a more informed and satisfied customer.

The Outcome

The outcome of the redesign was an updated mobile experience, implementation of a desktop mega menu and the ability to display product information in a fashion not native to the template or backend. The BlueSky team leveraged solutions and features within the BigCommerce platform as well as customizations to achieve the new design.

The numbers below illustrate the fantastic results just 4 months after redesign launch.

Overall Performance:


Increase in Sessions


Increase in Page Visits per session


Increase in Time on Site


Increase in Transactions


Increase in Conversion Rate

SEO Performance:


Increase in organic search sessions


Increase in Conversion Rates


Boost in Revenue

Mobile Performance:


Increase in New User sessions


Increase in Mobile Transactions

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