Marketing Automation

Best in class Technology that automates digital marketing campaigns

Drive engagement and revenue.

Being able to effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks is crucial to stay ahead.  BlueSky can help your organization take this step by leveraging IBM’s cloud-based digital marketing platform, IBM Marketing Cloud (formerly SilverPop).

Utilize built in tools for email marketing, lead management, and mobile engagement solutions.

Put your data to work.

As your site traffic increases, funneling lead generation into the right segment or nurturing leads at automated times or analyzing the metrics of your site’s activity can be a real drain on time without the proper tools in the toolbox.

Marketing automation is the ultimate solution for digital marketers. With marketing automation, your target markets are funneled into a single program that filters leads into an appropriate slot, which increases your pipeline, sales activity, and overall effectiveness.

Our digital marketing team is committed to providing our clients with the right tools and training to transform marketing management.

Design and Automate Customer Experiences

Deliver consistent cross-channel experiences for email, mobile, web, and social that convert at a higher rate.

Use Embedded Analytics for Better Results

Understand and report on customer behavior to make better marketing decisions while driving deeper customer engagement.

Provide Faster Time to ROI

Use a cloud based digital marketing platform that integrates easily with other customer data sources and applications.

BlueSky Services

BlueSky provides a range of digital marketing consulting and solution support services including:

Discovery, Product Selection, & Sizing

Building a path for success
Our consultants work with you to identify requirements that target the ideal solution for your business needs.


Setting up for success
Our experienced development teams install and configure your marketing automation tools.


Putting marketing automation to work
Our certified experts help you operationalize tools within your organization that empower your team to manage, gain insight across channels, and drive results.

Management & Maintenance

Continuing success with marketing automation
We support software upgrades, solution reviews, and perform regularly scheduled health checks to ensure your environment performs to your satisfaction.

Advanced Services

Getting the most out of your Marketing Cloud tools
Engage with our digital marketing service team for technical support, training, and execution.

Automate your marketing.

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