BlueSky CloudCommerce

Highly Flexible Commerce Solution That Drives Results.

BlueSky CloudCommerce

Our BlueSky CloudCommerce is a SaaS-based, end-to-end commerce solution engineered to meet the evolving demands of your B2B or B2C business. Business users are able to leverage advanced personalization tooling, manage complex sales processes and product configurations.

Powered by HCL’s eCommerce platform, BlueSky CloudCommerce enables you to deploy quickly and at an affordable price – while leaving the day-to-day management of the infrastructure to us.

BlueSky CloudCommerce Benefits

Empowered Business User Tools

Integrated tools empower marketers to construct, engage, convert and retain customers. Allowing for reduced dependency on IT.

Rapid Deployment

Launch templated out-of-the-box, full-featured B2B & B2C storefronts in weeks, accelerating time to market and speed to-value.

Affordable & Agile

Scalable SaaS/Cloud solution with flexible monthly payment rather than large up-front acquisition cost that comes with an on-premise model.

BlueSky CloudCommerce Key Features

Flexible product & catalog management

Full feature set that provides Merchandiser with the power to position products on the site to sell.

Contract management & pricing

Business can setup pricing, products in their store for multiple customers based on their contracts or respective business relationship.

Multi site management

Multi-site capabilities to manage multiple storefronts on the same infrastructure with shared master catalog, centralized CMS, business rules, pricing, and languages.

Customizable B2B & B2C storefront templates

Quickly build and deploy B2B & B2C store and features using out of the box templates.

Responsive design

Storefront pages dynamically sense and adapt to the shopper’s device with responsive design

Robust Discount & Promotion Engine

Easily create scores of different promotional discounts, offers and incentives that are as simple or complex as you need.

Content Management System with Page build preview

Freedom to quickly create and assemble the contents of your store pages without involving IT.

Personalization with customer segmentation

Integrated tools empowers marketers to create, manage and deploy engaging, personalized experiences.

Faceted search & navigation

Robust native search built on open source Solr integrated with the catalog, precision marketing, and customer entitlements.

Our Services

We leverage our CodeBlue assets, which combine the technically skilled talents of BlueSky architects, certified developers and astute business analysts to deliver a pre-configured solution that helps our clients gain a fast ROI based on a standard set of commerce deliverables.

Solution Discovery

Dedicated team of consultants meet with you to understand your business goals and requirements to ensure solution fit.

Platform Design, Development & Implementation

We’re dedicated to ensuring a successful implementation and a smooth transition to helping you get your store launched and producing results.

Hosting & Prod Support

BlueSky handles all the infrastructure support including hosting, reporting, tracking, and incident resolution, improvements, and new functionality to ensure that your storefront is operating at peak performance.

Advanced Services

Technical support, solution roadmaps, training, site optimization, middleware, and integrations to ensure a successful implementation today and into the future.

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