Enterprise Integration

Experience with the latest integration offerings to help your business become more efficient.

Time and cost factor into all business endeavors.

BlueSky integration offerings are an investment that will reduce the impact of both. The modern enterprise consists of complex relationships between disparate systems. BlueSky will help you connect those systems by following a service oriented architecture (SOA). By organizing systems as reusable ‘services’, SOA allows an enterprise to focus on its core competencies and decouple systems from those of its partners.

Through the use of an enterprise service bus (ESB), new systems – such as IBM Commerce or SAP hybris – can be quickly integrated with existing applications, including ERP, POS and vendor networks without the need for costly customization and rewrites.

BlueSky will help you gain efficiency by leveraging our strong experience in the latest integration offerings. The outcome will be efficient, manageable systems communication and a reduction in time and cost on future projects.

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