IBM WebSphere Commerce V9 has been released and promises to allow organizations greater agility and flexibility to rapidly innovate, drive business growth and operate more efficiently.

So, what’s new in IBM WebSphere Commerce Version 9?

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  • Microservices architecture with lightweight, self-contained, distributed servers, supports horizontal scaling, parallel development and utilization of modern, open source tools.
  • Docker containers deliver key benefits for DevOps including deployment automation, delivery acceleration, and application portability.
  • Flexible deployment options for Docker containers gives IT organizations more infrastructure choices for eCommerce workloads, including all Cloud options: private, public or hybrid deployment.
  • Evolution of the technology stacks makes customization of the brand and business user experience more efficient and cost effective. Key changes include adoption of lightweight IBM WebSphere Liberty, replacement of Enterprise JavaBeans™ (EJBs) with Java™ Persistence API (JPA), introduction of the externalized customization (xC) programming model, a RESTful API model, and implementation of the jQuery framework for Aurora starter store.
  • Deeper integration with IBM Watson® Content Hub, an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled content management system helps transform volumes of digital brand assets into a comprehensive library, making it easier to find and use assets to create strategic and impactful content.

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